To What Extent Do the Investment Programs in the Infrastructure Sector Comply with the Determinants of National Competitive Advantage?

Islam, K. M. Anwarul
Barghouthi, Orobah Ali
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Centre for Research on Islamic Banking & Finance and Business
The paper has examined what needed has to spend on infrastructure projects that would support the private sector, create real work opportunities, and improve productivity. We’re also not spending evenly on sectors that could contribute to a sustainable economic stimulus, make our products more competitive, and attract investment capital. The PIF has in fact taken on this role. Even though it cannot cover everything, it is working in a number of sectors, including communications, energy, and housing all sectors that spur growth.The fiscal situation, as any observer of Palestine’s economy knows, remains unstable. Obviously expenditure goes primarily to salaries and current expenditures as a result of the extraordinary circumstances. And obv iously this situation can only deepen Palestine’s dependence on donors.
SMEs, , PIF, , PIF, Infrastructure Sector