Struggling and Overcoming Daily Life Barriers Among Children With Congenital Heart Disease and Their Parents in the West Bank, Palestine

Elissa, Kawther
Sparud-Lundin, Carina
Axelsson, Åsa B.
Khatib, Salam
Bratt, Ewa-Lena
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Advances in early diagnosis, treatment, and postoperative care have resulted in increased survival rates among children with congenital heart disease (CHD). Research focus has shifted from survival to long-term follow-up, well-being, daily life experiences, and psychosocial consequences. This study explored the everyday experiences of children with CHD and of their parents living in the Palestinian West Bank. Interviews with nine children aged 8 to 18 years with CHD and nine parents were analyzed using content analysis. The overall theme that emerged was facing and managing challenges, consisting of four themes: sociocultural burden and finding comfort, physical and external limitations, self-perception and concerns about not standing out, and limitations in access to health care due to the political situation. To provide optimum care for children with CHD and their parents, health care providers and policy makers must understand the negative consequences associated with sociocultural conditions and beliefs about chronic illness.
adolescent , child , congenital heart disease , parents , Palestinian , qualitative