PPU Business Learners' Degree of Satisfaction Toward Terminology in the English for Business Curriculum and the Difficulties they Encounter

Raesa Ishaq Ibrahem Natsheh
رئيسة اسحق ابراهيم نتشة
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Al-Quds University
This study aimed at investigating the PPU business learners' degree of satisfaction toward terminology in the English for Business Curriculum and the difficulties they encounter. The study also aimed to determine the role of the variables (gender, academic year, and achievement level) of students in the department of administrative science at PPU. The study adopted the descriptive method in order to achieve the aim of the study. The population of the study consisted of (212) students who completed the ‘English for Business’ course in the first semester of (2019/2020). It was applied to a random sample which included (108) students. The researcher prepared a student’s questionnaire and an interview. Validity and reliability were calculated for the two instruments. The validity of the instruments was evaluated by experts and professionals as well as their reliability using the calculation of the equation Cronbach alpha for the questionnaire in which the score of the first variable (0.93) was and the second variable (0.81). The reliability of the interview was applied by Cooper formula. Data were collected, analyzed, and interpreted by the means and standard deviations, One way ANOVA, Independent T-test and LSD. The results of the study revealed the importance of English business terminology for administrative science students in addition to their need for all language skills, especially effective conversation from their point of view. Also, the findings of the questionnaire showed that there were no statistically significant differences in the responses of students attributed to gender and achievement level variables. However, there were differences attributed to the academic year variable in favor of the second year. The results of the interview revealed the need to integrate the English business terminology with the four skills, grammar, and vocabulary in using the English language in the courses of administrative and business at the college. Based on those findings, the researcher recommended a two-part ESP approach for business that focuses on the practical use of vocabulary and makes successful conversation of the English language. The researcher recommended that more attention should be paid to the time allocated to the course in addition to providing several teaching strategies based on a variety of activities that integrate the four skills. The researcher also recommended that specialized courses to be proposed to improve the level of English language proficiency for business in use for students to communicate effectively and fluently in various situations.