Topical Tenoxicam Microemulsion and Co-crystal

Maha Mohammad Mosa Othman
مها محمد موسى عثمان
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Al-Quds University
This research targets to form a-topical Tenoxicam microemulsion by using different combinations of lower amount of Tweens to stabilize the system. In this work, sugar surfactant is used, such as Tween 80 (Polyoxyethylene (20) sorbitan monooleate). Also, co-surfactant with short chain of alcohol like propylene glycol is used. The oil phase used is castor oil and oleic acid. The aqueous phase used is the Tenoxicam dissolved in 0.1NNaOH (water phase). Moreover, the study aims to prepare a co-crystal of Tenoxicam as the active pharmaceutical ingredient, by using different co-solvents. In this work, we studied at various temperature 25, 37 and 45°C, the impact of adding different amounts of surfactants on the phase behaviour of the suggested system like Tween 80. On other hand, it showed the effect of co-surfactant used (propylene glycol) on the phase behaviour. Propylene glycol is used as tuning parameter for all ingredients and clearly contributes in forming the microemulsion. The phase behaviour started as clear, isotropic microemulsion upon the addition of as low as 4% water. This was analysed by visual inspection and cross polarizer and dynamic light scattering. Lastly, this study indicates a successful development of microemulsion formulations of Tenoxicam with optimum characteristics. In this research a study of co- crystallization with different diacids in various solvents were done by using grinding techniques. The co-crystals produced here studied by using Fourier Transform Infra-Red spectroscopy (FTIR), determination of the melting point and solubility. The melting point of co-crystal changed to lower than pure Tenoxicam. The co-crystals solubility showed a wide change from practically insoluble in water to soluble
Othman، Maha Mohammad. (2019). Topical Tenoxicam Microemulsion and Co-crystal [رسالة ماجستير منشورة، جامعة القدس، فلسطين]. المستودع الرقمي لجامعة القدس. https://arab-