Factors Related to Organisational Commitment amongst Social Workers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Safadi, Najwa S.
Easton, Scott D.
Hasson, Robert G.
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Oxford University Press on behalf of The British Association of Social Workers
This study examined the contribution of social–demographic characteristics, employee attitudes and environmental factors in explaining levels of organisational commitment amongst public sector social workers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Using a cross-sectional design, data were collected in the summer of 2016 from employees at twelve local directorates of the Ministry of Social Development (N¼237) in the West Bank. Palestinian social workers reported extremely high levels of overall organisational commitment. Results of multiple regressions revealed predictors of this outcome, including job stress, job satisfaction and service orientation. As hypothesised, job satisfaction and service orientation were positively related to the dependent variable. Surprisingly, higher levels of job stress were related to higher levels of organisational commitment. Implications for organisational policies and future research are discussed.
Job dissatisfaction , job stress , organisational commitment , organisational support , Palestine , service orientation , social workers