Demographics of Drug Addicts of Al-Sadiq Al-Taieb Association in Bethany

Wafaa al-Khateeb
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The study aimed to identify (the demographic characteristics of drug addicts in Al-Siddiq Al-Tayyib Association in ‘Izariyya). The descriptive approach was followed in its quantitative part, where a questionnaire was used to collect data from the study sample. The study population, i.e., addicted inmates at the Al-Sadiq Al-Taieb Association numbering (39) (Tubasi, 2020), (29) i.e., (75%) were intentionally selected. The study reached to several results, more important of which is that the most addict groups, drug abusers, and intoxicants fall in ‘the youth group’ i.e., of ages ranging between (25-32). These amounted to (41.4%). The study concluded that there are many causes leading to addiction and drug abuse, most evident of which are psychological causes, which made a (24.1%) of the total. The most popular kinds of drugs in Palestine are hashish and marijuana, and the method used most smoking. The researcher recommends that parents follow up on their children and fill their spare time with practical and effective activities, in addition to tightening the punishment for everything related to drugs and applying the law fairly and equitably without any influence or favouritism.