Using (Atriplex spp.) as a roughage source to improve some productive characteristics in Awassi Ewes

فتحي تيسير يوسف داوود
Fathi Tayseer Yousef Dawood
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AL-Quds University
جامعة القدس
Abstract This experiment was conducted at Beit Quad Experimental Station – Beit Quad-Jenin district, during the period from February to July, 2006, this study was conducted to investigate the effect of feeding two levels of (Atriplex spp.) (leaves and stems) on some parameters of breeding Awassi sheep, due to high prices of feed , low sheep productivity , decrease in Rangeland areas and low rangeland productivity. This was an attempt to reduce feed costs as possible. A total of 27 ewes at age of (5 ± 2) and body weight of (82.6 ± 1.97) were taken and utilized in the study and were randomly divided into three groups with 9 ewes in each. Ewes in the control group were fed 3 kg of a commercial concentrate and 3 kg of barley hay. Ewes in second group were fed 3 kg concentrate plus 1.5 kg barely hay and 1.5 kg Atriplex. For the third experimental group, barely hay was replaced totally by Atriplex leaves and fed same amount of the commercial concentrate. Data were analyzed for ANOVA utilizing SPSS statistical packages Results showed that feeding atriplex has variable effect on parameters measured. Feeding atriplex increased (p < 0.05) dry matter intake (DMI) in ewes consumed atriplex in their diets during various physiological stages (late gestation, suckling and after weaning) Atriplex in diets increased milk protein (p < 0.05) content, lambs weaning weight and daily weight gain. However , incorporation of atriplex in ewes ration had no effect on final ewes weight , change in ewes weight ( initial vs. final weight ) , milk yield , milk fat , milk total solids , and lambs birth weight. The study showed the potentional importance of using atriplex as roughage in small ruminant's rations. It was estimated that about 0.034 $, can be saved per head per day through using atriplex as shown by this experiment. Lack of any kind of health hazards to ewes and lamb, adds to the advantage of this roughage, however more research is needed in this area to confirm these result
الارشاد الزراعي  , Agriculture Extension
Dawood، Fathi Tayseer. (2007). Using (Atriplex spp.) as a roughage source to improve some productive characteristics in Awassi Ewes [رسالة ماجستير منشورة، جامعة القدس، فلسطين]. المستودع الرقمي لجامعة القدس.