Determining the Impact of the ASP Health Club’s Sports Initiative Awareness Campaign on Elementary Students’ Physical Activity Habits

Ghosheh, Farouq
Attili, Noura
Al-Sahili, Zaina
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Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research
Ever increasing sedentary lifestyles have brought on many issues in the health and wellness of school aged children, particularly those in the third grade through fifth grade level. According to a literature review by the Dominican University of California, awareness is directly associated with an increase in fitness levels; the relation between them a positive one. The purpose of this study was to determine if the awareness program at the American School of Palestine had any tangible effects on its students. It sought to measure the correlation between the school’s activities in the awareness program conducted by members of the ASP Heart Health Club and two of its students’ daily habits: time spent on electronic devices, and time spent on physical activities. The data was gathered from the subjects by means of a questionnaire and clinical charts recording the students’ height and weight in order to calculate their individual BMIs. Participants in this study included all students of the third grade through the fifth grade level, featuring both genders, and amounting to approximately two hundred individuals. The data was collected thrice, recorded and analyzed for the presence of outliers which were removed. Our data indicated that we were able to decrease the amount of time students spent on electronic devices and increase the time spent on physical activity at the fourth grade level. There seemed to be a minimal or negative effect with the third and fifth grade students on average. We believe that a longer study duration and a more effective campaign program may lead to better awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.