Analysis of Tumor Markers Effect after Radiation Exposure among Palestinian Radiation Workers

Areej Najeeb Ali Dahdol
اريج نجيب علي دحدو ل
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Al-Quds University
Objective: The aim of this work was to investigate the effect of low radiation doses on tumor markers tests. And to follow up the policy that carrying out the tests for Radiation Workers. Also, demonstrate the effect of independent variables such the cumulative dose, Hospital location, and type of work on tumor markers. Method: the researcher reviews a retrospectively collected database of tumor marker tests in four governmental hospitals +between 2013- 2019, to following the patterns of tumor marker over the years. The cumulative doses records were taken from energy department in ministry of health. Additionally to distribute a questionnaire to correlate independent variables with tumor markers records and also to demonstrate the policy following of carrying out these tests among RWs. 78 radiation workers participated. Results: after several years of following tumor markers, all tumor markers tend to increase in a normal range, especially the CEA; approximately 57% of radiation workers have an increase in CEA. The smoking workers have a statistically significant change in CEA; also the study not shown any relationship between the radiation doses and tumor markers. While a measure of the knowledge level of policy show 73% of worker answered that no one is responsible for following tests results. Further, 91% of workers admit no action was taken in the event of an abnormal result found. Conclusion: Until now all tumor markers results was in a normal range, even if they tend to a little increase from year to year, but that still prove nothing without repeat this study and comparing this group of worker with another different type of workers, to understand if this increase that have noticed here in this study come from radiation or not. Otherwise highlight the role of policy officer who’s responsible for monitoring the carrying out these tests and follow up what happen on radiation workers tests results.