Al-Quds University’s Legal Services in Jerusalem

Ishaq, Isam
Nuseibah, Munir
Dajani, Rawan
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Ma’an Arab University Alliance for Civic Engagement
Winner of “The most civically engaged campus” prize at Ma’an Second Annual Regional Competition. The AQU Community Action Centre (CAC) is located in the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City. The CAC works within its community, serving multi-dimensional needs focused on human rights and equality. Providing legal, social, educational, and gender-based services to the disadvantaged, the CAC supports citizens in claiming their rights from an often discriminatory Israeli government. CAC has provided services to Jerusalem communities, mainly in the Old City, through individual, Community Advocacy, and Legal clinics developed on a Rights-Based social work model. Other services are provided via Community and Civic Education, Women’s Empowerment, and Volunteer Units. Direct intervention services are provided holistically through the venues below.
Al-Quds University won “The most civically engaged campus” prize at Ma’an Second Annual Regional Competition. This regional competition aims to identify universities across the Arab region that exemplify a dedication to civic responsibility and promote a culture of effective and meaningful giving in the communities in which they exist and serve. “The most civically engaged university campus” competition acknowledges the efforts and amplify the voices of civil society leaders, providing them with a platform to share their endeavors with specialists in the field.
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