Radiological diagnosis of median nerve lipoma: A case report from Palestine

Oadi N. Shrateh
Afnan W. M. Jobran
Mohammed Khatib
Sa’d Sulaiman
Fadi Thalji
Sami Hussein
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Lipomas are benign neoplasms that develop from adipocyte-rich adipose tissue. They affect up to 2% of the population and make up about 50% of all soft-tissue neoplasms. The most common locations for them to appear asymptomatically are the neck, upper back, proximal limbs, and chest. They typically start off as single, distinct, movable lumps. A 50-year-old man who had pain and edema in his right wrist came to our hospital. The patient’s history dates back to 9 years ago, when he first began to complain of swelling in his wrist rest but no discomfort. According to a clinical examination, he has a soft, non-painful bump in his right wrist. After being monitored for 9 years with no change in the size of the tumor on his right wrist, the patient started to experience right hand pain and a weak right grasp. Mag-netic resonance imaging is the preferred visualization method for examining hand tumors; it is advised to perform a preoperative complementary ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging investigation in cases of atypical findings or nonfrequent locations of nerve com-pression, which are clinically interpreted as idiopathic compression.