Developing Local Mathematical Equations For Estimation Above Ground Biomass in Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera ) Tree Using Field Measurement in Jordan Valley Regio

ربان غسان صالح أبو الرب
Robban Ghassan Saleh Abu AlRob
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Al-Quds University
The cultivation of Date Palms in the Jordan Valley region is a key for development in such arid regions, it has a high adaptation to drought and salinity conditions there, in recent years, the Jericho region has recorded a great spread in the planting area of Date Palm cultivation as a high-value fruit crop until it has become the most important branch for the agricultural sector in the region. Given that the quantitative evaluation of any resource is the first step in its management towards achieving sustainability. This study focused on Above Ground Biomass (AGB) as an effective tool for an environmental assessment, for the Jordan Valley region, any vegetation cover there, could be considered to be a sensitive indicator for climate change adaptation, accordingly the assessment of Date Palm biomass is useful in predicting the carbon sequestered in these arid ecosystems, as it is the most prevalent plant in addition to the possibility of monitoring climate change through the response of date palm trees. This thesis aims to develop a local equation for estimation AGB, by the structural parameters of Date Palm tree, to achieve the research aims field data were collected for three common varieties of JSAR within different age groups, the collected data was analyzed by using the Excel package and SPSS software. The results indicate that crown area (CA) is the best field parameter for estimating AGB of Date Palm trees at medium age by a function of crown biomass variable, while the height of trunk is the best field parameter for estimating AGB of mature Date Palm trees by a function of trunk biomass variable, each model has specific equations to use. Accordingly, the study came out with a set of recommendations, the most important of which is to adopt these equations as local models for estimation AGB and encourage research to develop them for higher accuracy, in addition to using remote sensing techniques in the measurement method.