Assessment of diagnostic ultrasound for abdomen and pelvis service in Palestine towards national diagnostic reference levels for ultrasound reporting

Mashahreh, Mohammad
Smerat, Sami
Muhammad, Hjouj
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Objective: The study was conducted to provide national diagnostic reference levels for ultrasound reporting. Materials and methods: The study carried out in radiology and medical imaging departments in the three sectors representing Palestinian health system, particularly inside governmental, nongovernmental and private health sectors. The sample size comprised 600 ultrasound (u/s) reports of abdomen and pelvis u/s procedures. U/S reports collected and followed in term of record name, record number, finding and all criteria followed in the worldwide report of American College of Radiology (ACR). Results: The Palestinian private health sector u/s report for pelvis and abdominal examinations correlates (P value=0.001) with the ACR standards compared to other Palestinian health sectors. Regarding to report structure sections, in the history and indication, our results show that this section was completely absent from the governmental sector reports. Moreover, the limitation section was absent from all governmental and NGO (u/s) reports, while existed in just 19% of private sector (u/s) reports. Likewise in conclusion section of report structure, the most noteworthy rate was again in the Palestinian private health sectors as 80% of their (u/s) reports. On contrary finding section, all reports in the sample were having this section. Finally in previous study sections of the report, our results indicated that the highest percentage was in private health sectors as 57% of their (u/s) reports. Latest in the relationship between the quality of the (u/s) report and health sector type that gave the reports, the results found the sort of health sector has a positive effect on the quality of the (u/s) report. Where the Palestinian private health sectors got the highest quality in writing reports of the ultrasound compared to other sectors. Conclusion: The Palestinian private health sectors have the highest quality u/s reports among Palestinian health sectors.
Ultrasound report , Pelvic examination , Abdomen examination , Health organizations , American college radiology