Impact of “Formulate, Share, Listen and Create” Strategy On Mathematical Representation Skills

Arman, Ibrahim
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EJERS, European Journal of Engineering Research and Science
The study aimed at investigating the effect of employing the strategy “Formulate- Share- Listen- Create” FSLC on the 4thGraders developing their mathematical representation skills in Governmental Schools in Hebron Governorate - Directorate of Education. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, it was applied on a purposive sample of (124) 4 th Graders in Al-Huda Basic Education for Girls School and Al-Amin Basic Education for Boys School in the Directorate of Education / Yatta. The sample included 67 male Students, and 57 female students. The students distributed into four sections, one section in each school represented the Control Group (studied in the Control Method), and the other section represented the Experimental Group (studied according to the Formulate-Share-Listen and Create Strategy FSLC. The researcher built a test of mathematical representation skills, the researcher verified the validity and reliability of the tool. The results revealed that there were statistically significant differences at the level of significance (α≤0.05) among the 4th Graders in the test of mathematical representation skills due to the Teaching Method and for the Experimental Group studied according to the strategy FSLC. The study revealed that there were no statistically significant differences at the level of significance (α≤0.05) in the test of mathematical representation skills due to Gender, or in the interaction between Gender and the Method. In the light of the results of the study, the researcher recommends training teachers to use the Strategy in developing mathematical written skills (writing and presentation) and the verbal skills (speaking, listening and reading), as well as conducting further studies on the impact of this strategy in other variables and subjects. Such as solving life problems and making decision.
The field of education in Palestine is undergoing a change movement that included the development of educational curricula, evaluation tools for the lower basic stage and the development of teaching methods and strategies to deal with the large amount of knowledge contained in the curricula, especially mathematics curricula developed in the light of the international standards of mathematics curricula, Active student
FSLC Strategy , Mathematical Representation