Performance Comparative Study of DSDV, E-DSDV, I-DSDV and O-DSDV MANET Routing Protocols

Abdel Jawad, Mada’
Salah, Saeed
Zaghal, Raid
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A Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a dynamic single or multi-hop wireless network where nodes are connected wirelessly, and the network is self-configured. Due to the high mobility of nodes, network topology changes more frequently and thus, routing becomes a challenging task. Several routing protocols have been proposed by the researchers for MANETs like the well-known Destination Sequenced Distance Vector (DSDV) and its variants. It is a table-driven routing protocol that was mainly proposed to solve routing loop problems and it performs very well in sparse and low mobility environments. However, it suffers from several performance issues when implemented on high and dense MANETs. A number of modifications of DSDV have been proposed to make it more adaptive and suitable for different environments. In this paper, the performance of DSDV, E-DSDV, I-DSDV, and O-DSDV routing protocols is compared. The performance metrics that were considered in this analysis are packet delivery ratio, throughput, End-to-End delay, and routing overhead. Several simulation scenarios were carried out using the Network Simulator tool (NS3) by varying the number of nodes, pause time and velocity. The simulation results have shown that I-DSDV outperforms the others in low mobility scenarios, whereas O-DSDV has the best performance in high velocity environments.
MANET , DSDV , I-DSDV , E-DSDV , O-DSDV Simulation , Network Performance , NS3