Palestine's fight against antiquities looting, trafficking, and the destruction of the country's cultural property: structures, processes and recent statistics

Al-Houdalieh, Salah Hussein
Jamal, Hasan Said
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This article analyses the cases related to offenses against cultural heritage property registered by the Tourist and Antiquities Police Department (T&APD) throughout the West Bank during two recent, consecutive years. The study period spans the years immediately preceding and following the implementation of the new Palestinian antiquities law. The article presents the challenges of combating antiquities looting and trafficking in Palestine; the diversity of cultural heritage resources in the West Bank; the Palestinian law enforcement agencies relevant to cultural heritage, especially the T&APD; the history, structure, employees, and responsibilities of that agency; and detailed data on the offense cases related to cultural heritage property as compiled from their records. The main aim of this present work is to explore the impact of the newly implemented antiquities law on stopping or even curbing criminal behavior related to cultural heritage property throughout the West Bank.
Antiquities looting and trafficking , new Palestinian Antiquities Law , Tourist and Antiquities Police Department