Adaptive Control of Congestion in Tough Wireless Environments Using DCM+ Algorithm

Hamamreh, Rushdi
Khader, Derar
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Scientific Research Publishing
The aim of this paper is to present DCM+, a new congestion control protocol for data networks. It stands for Dynamic Congestion control for Mobile networks. New metrics have been newly invented and introduced like normalized advancing index (NAI) and complete transmission time (CTT). The simulations are done for a simple single-hop-topology (sender-router-receiver ). The outcomes of this protocol are excellent and, in most cases, better than other approaches. The excellent properties of our proposed protocol were possible through tracking the available slow-start threshold. We achieved performance improvement, minimized end-to-end delay and large reduction in transmission time. DCM+ was able to combine many advantages at same time of the protocols NewReno and Westwood+. The results show, that DCM+ is extremely adequate for different types of networks. Feedback as main principle of control theory was used to control the congestion in the network. The parameters Round-Trip-Time (RTT) and Retransmission Timeout (RTO) are used as feedback signals to adjust the next congestion window (cwnd).
Congestion Control , Westwood+ , Slow-Start , Congestion Avoidance , Bandwidth Estimation , Round-Trip Time , Retransmission Timeout , Feedback , ns-3
Hamamreh, R. and Khader, D. (2019) Adaptive Control of Congestion in Tough Wireless Environments Using DCM+ Algorithm. Int. J. Communications , Network and System Sciences , 12, 113-123.