Influence of an innovative and promising gas clarification process on the quality of stored extra virgin olive oils

Valli, Enrico
Ayyad, Ziad
Garcia-Salas, Patricia
Cevoli, Chiara
Afaneh, Ibrahim Abdullah
Bendini, Alessandra
Toschi, Tullia Gallina
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Filtration of extra virgin olive oil is a process that may improve preservation of the quality during storage. In the current study, different aliquots of extra virgin olive oils were subjected to filtration with a traditional filter press or an innovative patented alternative process of clarification by insufflating inert gas such as nitrogen and argon; all treated samples and, as control unfiltered ones, were stored for one year to evaluate the effects of these technologies on the quality of oil during shelf-life. Basic quality indexes, diglycerides, phenolics and volatiles, as well as the sensory characteristics of samples, were determined at 4 month intervals during storage. According to the volatile compounds, phenolics and sensory analysis, the novel technique had a beneficial effect on the storage of extra virgin olive oils; accordingly, this process could be exploited by the olive oil industry.
Extra virgin olive oil , Filtration , Inert gas clarification , Volatiles , Phenolics , Shelf-life