Assessment of Wind Power Potential at Eastern-Jerusalem, Palestine

Alsamamra, Husain
Shoqeir, Jawad Ali Hasan
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Due to the energy demand and lack of supplied energy of Palestinian cities, wind resource assessment is important and necessary. The objective of the work is to analyze the wind speed data characteristics and wind power potential at eastern Jerusalem that are collected at 10 m above ground level from 2008 to 2018. The variations of monthly, seasonal, and annual wind speed are analyzed, and the measured maximum, minimum, and mean values are presented in this study. Wind speed characteristics have been analyzed by the well-known Weibull distribution function, and used to evaluate the wind power of the proposed site. Moreover, the relationship between wind power and mean wind speed is fitted by a second-order polynomial. The shape parameter moderate values showed that wind speed was relatively steady at the site. The highest average maximum value was found to be 5.7 m/s in June-2008, whereas the mean maximum values ranged from 5.4 m/s in June to 3.8 m/s in November. The highest mean power value was found to be 31.66 w/m2 in July with a maximum value of 23.18 w/m2 in 2013. R2 of the polynomial fit provides values of 95% for monthly mean and 96% for annual mean.
Wind Speed , Weibull Parameters , Wind Power , Polynomial Fit , Palestine