Cinnamon bark water-infusion as an in-vitro inhibitor of β-hematin formation

Attieh, Hanadi A.
Abu Lafi, Saleh
Jaber, Suhair
Abu-Remeleh, Qassem
Lutgen, Pierre
Akkawi, Mutaz
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Academic Journals
Malaria remains one of the prominent public health problems that lead to severe morbidity and mortality in many developing countries around the globe. New antimalarial drugs are urgently needed due to the emergence of antimalarial-resistant strains of Plasmodium falciparum. In previous studies, we tested several plants extracts that are capable of inhibiting β-hematin formation, with efficiency similar to chloroquine. In the current study, the effect of cinnamon ethanol and water extracts on inhibiting β- hematin formation was studied. Powdered cinnamon extracts and bark in a stick form were investigated using various extraction methods. A semi-quantitative in vitro method, based on the inhibition of ferriprotoporphyrin IX (FP) bio-crystallization developed by Deharo et al. (2002) was utilized. Water extracts of cinnamon revealed potential activity even at low concentration of infusions, which was manifested by a high capability to inhibit β-hematin formation in vitro.
Cinnamon , ferriprotoporphyrin (IX) , β-hematin , chloroquine , hemozoin , malaria