Knowledge of Cardiovascular Disease among Undergraduate University Students in Palestine

Amro, Nawaf RN
Rasheed, Osaid
Khdour, Maher
Qraqra, Dua
Ghrayeb, Farid AW
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International Knowledge Sharing Platform, IISTE
Although cardiovascular diseases (CVD) typically occur in middle age or later, the initiating behaviors for the development of CVD begins in childhood and continued into adulthood.CVD is estimated to cause 40% of all mortalities in Palestine. CVD will continue to be a leading cause of death to the young generation unless they have knowledge regarding CVD and the risk factors for developing this disease and having the knowledge to encounter it. Individuals with higher levels of health knowledge may perform healthier behaviors at greater frequency than individuals who are less informed. Unfortunately, Studies reporting the knowledge of CVD risk factors among Palestinian college students are lacking. Hence, this study was performed to assess the level of knowledge regarding CVD undergraduate university students. A cross-sectional study was carried out among 2nd through 5th year college students of the health campus in Al-Quds University, in Palestine. A self-administered survey was distributed to a proportionate sample of 300 undergraduates students from nursing, midwifery, medicine, pharmacy, and others courses at Al-Quds University by using pre validated Heart Disease Fact Questionnaire (HDFQ) developed by Wagner et al. (2005).Descriptive and inferential statistics were used for data analysis. The sample had an average knowledge score of 63.3% out of a maximum correct score of 100%. Results from data analysis revealed overall knowledge of CVD risk factors was relatively fair. Our study elucidates that CVDs are not perceived as major risk by college population, which could turn into insufficient preventative practices and suboptimal patient outcomes. There is an urgent need to establish more wide-spread and effective educational interventions, which should be sensitive to the perceptions, attitudes, and abilities of targeted individuals. Heart disease awareness campaigns for college students, to increase the preventive actions and adoption of healthy lifestyles are essential.
Cardiovascular disease , Knowledge , Undergraduate university students , Palestine