Effectiveness of “Mantle of the Expert” In Creative Thinking Skills

Arman, Ibrahim
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International Journal of Science and Engineering Investigations
This study aimed at investigating the Effectiveness of Mantle of the Expert in creative thinking Skills among the 7th Graders. The study conducted on a sample of 7th Graders at Kober Secondary Boys School and Upper Kober Elementary Girls School. The study sample consisted of (100) students split into two groups (experimental and control). The researcher adopting the Torrance test for creative thinking the verbal image "A", and designing a teacher book for the (Engineering and Measurement) unit according to the mantle of the expert strategy. This study adopted quasi-experimental design. It included two groups (experimental and controlled) in two branches (males and females) for each group. The controlled group was taught by using the traditional method whereas the experimental group by the mantle of the expert. The data analyzed using (ANCOVA) test to measure the differences in the development of creative thinking between the control and experimental groups. The Conclusions showed that there are statistically significant differences in the mean scores of the creative thinking test due to the way, gender and interaction between them. Based on the Conclusions of the study, the researcher recommends the need to use the mantles of the expert in the teaching of mathematics.
The Twenty-First Century is witnessing great scientific and technological developments in all fields. This development has been greatly reflected in the learning process. It includes curricula and teaching methods. In order for the curricula to cope with this rapid development and to cope with the age of cognitive explosion and the tremendous technological revolution, Students' learning is the most important product through the search for their needs and tendencies and their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it has become an urgent need to diversify the methods to achieve the desired goals and to use more interesting and exciting methods, and directing their energies towards the achievement of these goals, which are the basis for many of the goals in the process of life.
Mantle of the Expert Strategy , Creative Thinking , ANCOVA