The perceptions about renewable energy among Al-Quds University students –Palestine

Jawad H. Shoqeir
Husain R. Alsamamra
Afif Zeidan
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This study aims to assess the perceptions about renewable energy among The Palestinian youth. The study aimed to find out the impact of gender, specialization, accommodation, and level of learning among these students on their perceptions of renewable energy. Data was collected a total population of 371; (140) male and (231) female youth students from Al-Quds University. The Perceptions about Renewable Energy Questionnaire (PREQ) was used in this study; this questionnaire has six scales containing 35 items. In this study, PREQ was supported by the validity of factors, and alpha Cronbach reliability of the tool was found to be (0.90). The study revealed that the average elements in PREQ were (3.41) and is relatively high based on a five-point Scale of the Likert type. The result of the current study showed that there was a statistically significant difference in accommodation in students' responses to PREQ, as village students' perceptions of PREQ were more positive than their city and camp counterparts. The results also showed statistically significant differences in PREQ due to the academic level variable in favor of new students. Gender variables and student specialization have a major impact that is not important.