The Impact of Using Styles- and Strategies - Based Instruction (SSBI) on the Al-Quds University Students‟ Achievement in Language skills, and their Motivation towards Learning French

Yacoub Mecheal Khader Thiab
يعقوب ميخائيل خضر ذياب
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Al-Quds University
This study looked into the Impact of Using Styles- and Strategies - Based Instruction (SSBI) on the Al-Quds University Students’ Achievement in language skills,. It also investigated their Motivation towards learning French. A total of (21) students where subjects to this study. Subjects of the study were divided into two groups; a control group with (11) students, and an experimental group of (10) students. A motivation questionnaire was developed to measure students’ motivation towards French Language, as well as two other questionnaires one to measure students’ Learning Styles and one to measure Students’ Language Learning Strategies. Pre- and Posttest were developed to measure the students’ achievement in French Language. Results of the study revealed that there was the statistically significant differences in the mean scores of the achievement test in learning French Language between students at Al-Quds University, attributed to the teaching method, are in favor of the experimental group, and the level of pre-achievement is in favor of students whose pre-achievement was high. Results showed that there were no statistically significant differences in the mean scores of motivation towards learning French language for students of Al-Quds University ascribed to method of teaching, pre-achievement and the interaction between them. Results attributed to Learning Styles of the students revealed that Learning styles such as open, leveler, inductive and literal learning Styles are the weakest styles used by learners, whereas the most employed styles reflective, field- independent, Closure- oriented and Random-intuitive followed by metaphoric, impulsive, sharpener, synthesizing, Concrete-Sequential and Introverted. The study showed also that Learning Strategies used by subjects of the study to learn new vocabulary, listening to a conversation in the target language and understanding vocabulary and grammatical structure strategies were used at a lower rate than increasing exposure to the target language, to be familiar to the sounds of this target language and translation strategies. Recommendations for Researchers to perform more studies about related topics to this study, for teachers to adopt and apply some of the technics used in this study were proposed at the end of this study.