Acinetobacterlwoffii Induced Cellulitis with Allergy-like Symptoms

Barghouthi, S.
Hammad, G.
Kurdi, M.
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Internet Scientific Publications
Few reports document the misdiagnosis of Acinetobacterlwoffii skin infections for allergic reactions. In addition, A. lwoffii is frequently misidentified when applying conventional diagnostic methods. The bacterium has been reported to cause a multitude of diseases including skin and wound infections. The application of the newly established method “The Universal Method” allowed definite identification of the bacterium isolated from a leg and foot cellulitis case (Isolate QUBC mk1) that was misdiagnosed as an allergic reaction and was treated with intramuscular injections of diclofeneac sodium, anonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug.The isolate was identified as A. lwoffii, it failed to grow on MacConkey agar, and it was sensitive to ciprofloxacin but resistant to cefazolin. The 51-year old male patient was successfully treated with intravenous administration of ciprofloxacin, doxacillin, and cefazolin. He was released in good health after ten days.This work emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between skin infections and allergies. It also stresses the importance of prompt and accurate identification of A. Lwoffii and its possible relationship to allergic reactions. Misdiagnosis isdiscussed in the context of “The Hygiene Hypothesis”.
S Barghouthi, G Hammad, M Kurdi. Acinetobacterlwoffii Induced Cellulitis with Allergy-like Symptoms. The Internet Journal of Microbiology. 2012 Volume 10 Number 2.