The illinois scale for examining psycho-linguistic abilities, learning disabilities, and verification of its validity and persistence in kindergartens in the suburbs of Jerusalem

Dakhlallah, Nijimeh
Albadawi, Bushra
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The study aimed to standardize the Illinois test of psycholinguistic abilities to diagnose students with learning disability and classify them from kindergarten students according to the local Palestinian environment, by arriving at indicators of stability consistent with the characteristics of a good test.The descriptive approach was followed using the Illinois scale of psycholinguistic abilities that was standardized and adapted to the Palestinian environment, and the study included children aged 3-6 years. And those who have suspected indicators of Learning Disabilities and language disorders from the kindergarten stage, which consisted of 112 children in the suburb of Jerusalem. A simple random sample of kindergarten students in Palestine was selected. The initial exploratory sample amounted to (30) children, and the legalization sample reached (112) children, of whom (55) were males, and (57) were females. It has been proven that the Illinois test has high validity, which verified the indicators of apparent validity, the consistency of the paragraphs from the correlation of the paragraph degree with the total degree of the test, and the saturation of the matrix of correlations function to extract the factorial validity between the tests or sub-domains of the total test, and the test had a good stability coefficient that can be trusted through The stability of the correctors, the Half-segmentmethod and corrected by the Spearman- Brown equation, and the stability of alpha-Cronbach, and thus the test achieved good psychometric properties of sincerity and stability, and its distinction between normal children and children with Learning Disabilities, and it is suitable for use in the Palestinian environment. A tool for diagnosing children with learning disabilities in kindergarten.