Impact of the Van Heil Model in Developing Abstract Thinking

Arman, Ibrahim Moh’D
Abu Isbaa, Sanaa Ali
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This study aimed to reveal the Impact of Van Heil's model in developing abstract thinking among10th grade students in South Hebron Education Directorate. In order to achieve the objectives of this study, the researcher used the experimental method, as the study was applied during the first semester of 2020/2021 academic year. The study population consisted of all the 10th-grade students who are registered in South Hebron Education Directorate, who are (2,967) students. The study was applied to an intentional sample that consisted of (44) female students from Dura Girls' Vocational Secondary School divided into two divisions, where one of the two divisions was considered an experimental group and the other was a control group, and each group reached (22) students. The experimental group was taught the Geometry construction unit in the10thgrade mathematics course using Van Heil's model, and the control group taught the same unit using the regular method. The researchers prepared a tool of abstract thinking. The validity and reliability of the test was verified by appropriate methods. The statistical analysis software (SPSS) was used to analyze the results of the study, by using analysis of covariance test (ANCOVA). The results revealed the existence of statistically significant differences in the students' scores in the test of the level of abstract thinking according to teaching method variable, and in favor of the experimental group, the results revealed the presence of statistically significant differences in the test of the level of abstract thinking due to academic achievement variable, in favor of the group with high achievement, also the presence of statistically significant differences in the test of the level of abstract thinking due to interaction between method of teaching and level of academic attainment, in favor of the students with high achievement in the experimental group. In light of the results, the researchers recommended the necessity of employing Van Heil's model in teaching Geometry units, the importance of training mathematics teachers to use it in teaching Geometry in mathematics courses is also recommended by the researcher, the researcher also recommended the need to conduct more studies on Van Heil's model using other dependent variables such as: generative thinking and trends towards Geometry or towards the model.
Impact , Van Heil Model , Abstract Thinking