Personalized Serious Games for Improving Attention Skills among Palestinian Adolescents

Amro, Malak
VicunaPolo, Stephanny
Jayousi, Rashid
Qasrawi, Radwan
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Serious games (SGs) are interactive and entertaining digital games with a special educational purpose. Studies have shown that SGs are effective in enhancing educational skills. Cognitive skills training through serious games have been used in improving students learning outcomes. In this article, we introduce the ‘plants kingdom’ serious game for improving adolescents’ cognitive skills, mainly attention (Focus, selection, and sustained attention) and understanding skills. The game used the grade 8 Science book in designing the game content. The plant kingdom lesson was used for developing the game story and objects, its methods and tools were designed for the purpose of attention and understanding skills improvement. The game was evaluated on 43 students from public schools between the ages of 13-15 years, the study selected data from the students who had completed 5 playing sessions. The attention and understanding skills were assessed using the automatic recording and analysis of the game player’s data. The variables utilized from the players' data included player ID, session number, gender, number of trials, level, drag and drop time, distance, reason for failure, position, speed, status, time, and playing tool. Results showed that the game improved the attention and understanding skills of students by 27% and 25 % respectively. The study showed the significant effect of serious games in enhancing students’ cognition; thus, integrating serious games into the education system can potentially improve learning objectives and outcomes.
Attention , Understanding , Cognitive skills , Serious Games , Game-based learning , Digital Games , Education outcomes