The role of entrepreneurial women projects in empowering women economically in Palestine: A case study of Ramallah, Al-bireh and Bethlehem governorates

Akram Rahhal
Amani Qaraqe
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This study aimed to investigate the role of entrepreneurial women businesses in empowering Palestinian women economically. The study followed the exploratory approach as well as the descriptive one. Population of the study consisted of 370 women, represented all entrepreneurial women who own private businesses registered in the chambers of Ramallah, al-Bireh and Bethlehem Governorates during 2021. Data of the study was collected using a questionnaire distributed to a systematic sample consisting of 60 entrepreneurial women which represents 16.2% of the study population. Then it was processed using the SPSS Statistical program. Findings of the study disclosed that entrepreneurial women businesses play an important role in empowering women economically in Palestine. In addition to, the findings show there is no significant differences in view of respondents to the role of women entrepreneurship businesses in women economic empowerment due to variables of experiences, business field, financing source, business capital and number of employees.