Prevalence of Hemophilia A and B: Molecular and Clinical Similarities and Differences

Hiba abu sharkh
Ruba Idrees
Shadia Al Najar
Khawla Halahla
Lama Manasra
Yara Rawashdeh
Mayar Tarayrah
Aseel Shreteh
Haneen Nur
Mahmoud Ramlawi
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Al-Quds University - Deanship of Scientific Research
Background: Hemophilia A and B are rare congenital disorders linked to the X chromosome due to a lack or deficiency of clotting factor VIII (FVIII) or factor IX (FIX), respectively. The severity of the disease depends on decreased levels of factor VIII or factor IX, which are determined by the type of causative mutation in the gene coding factors (F8 and F9, respectively), and this can lead to spontaneous bleeding, as well as bleeding after injuries or surgery, given the importance of hemophilia. The old and recent studies aimed at identifying the disease and making society aware of it. Despite this, the Palestinian society lacks local awareness of this disease.