A comparative study of the interaction between vitamin b12 with bovine and human serum albumins

Alsamamra, Husain
Abusharkh, Sawsan
Abutier, Musa
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Romanian Academy, Editura Academiei Romane (Publishing House of the Romanian Academy)
Human and bovine serum albumins are the most common proteins in the circulatory system of many organisms. Numerous studies are regarding their interactions with different types of ligands. These interactions are important for their applicability in many areas in biomedical field. The interaction of human serum albumin (HSA) and bovine serum albumin (BSA) with vitamin B12 was investigated using UV absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy. Results showed that the absorption and fluorescence intensities decreased as vitamin C concentration increases. The calculated binding constant (k ~104 M–1) showed a weak binding of vitamin B12 with both serum albumins. The analysis of fluorescence quenching for HSA/BSA-vitamin B12 interaction (kq ~ 1012 [L] mol–1⋅s–1, where kq is the protein bimolecular quenching rate, and [L] represents the concentrations of the quencher) reveals the dynamic quenching process and clearly confirms the existence of a static mechanism of fluorescence quenching.
Human serum albumin , bovine serum albumin , vitamin B , UV-absorption , fluorescence spectroscopy , binding constant , binding mode
TY - JOUR AU - Alsamamra, Husain AU - Abusharkh, Sawsan AU - Abu Teir, Musa PY - 2018/01/01 SP - 125 EP - 136 T1 - A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE INTERACTION BETWEEN VITAMIN B 12 WITH BOVINE AND HUMAN SERUM ALBUMINS ER -