Broadband Infrared Tissue Absorption using Miniature Homemade Infrared Light Source: Preliminary study for Tumor Heating

Abu-Taha, M. I.
Thweib, A.
Ketaneh, R.
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Infrared tissue absorption spectroscopy is an important tool for both medical diagnosis and treatment purposes. In this work we report broadband infrared tissue absorption using homemade miniature IR source. The usefulness of the miniature IR source is that it can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes that makes it fit for in-vivo studies in small human body cavities. Tissue samples were subjected to a broad infrared band radiation in the range 1-15 μm. The depth of absorption in tissue was monitored to determine efficacy for future use for both diagnosis and treatment purposes. Finding new ways that are characterized as a noninvasive technique, with least or no side effects, low cost and relatively with quick results in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Increasing the temperature of a cancer cell (rat tissue and cancerous cell line) up to ~ 42oC will give clear indication of new technique to kill cancer cells. Knowing the temperature distribution over the samples radiated by IR radiation allows the possibility to diagnose different cancer cell samples from their heat absorption. This depends on the content absorbing chromospheres of the tissue at the intended wavelengths. Specifying these properties of a tissue is the first step toward choosing proper IR source for the planned therapeutic method.
IR source , Tissue absorption , IR Spectroscopy , IR diagnosis and treatment