Degree of the Teachers’ Practice of Their Roles and Knowledge Economy Concepts from Their Perspective in Palestine

Naser, Inas
Awajneh, Ahlam
Sabbah, Suhair
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This study aims at identifying the degree to which teachers are practicing their roles and knowledge economy concepts from their perspective in Palestine. Which raises teachers’ efficiency and improves their performance by recognizing their roles. To achieve the objectives of the study, a questionnaire consisted of 35 items was developed. Also, an interview which was prepared to measure the teachers’ practice of knowledge economy concepts was applied in groups and individually. The sample of the study consisted of 250 male and female teachers in the Directorate of Education in Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate. Results showed the degree to which the teachers are practicing their roles was high (planning, teaching implementation, self development, students’ learning). Results also revealed lack of differences between the means of the teachers’ degree of practicing their roles attributed to gender, specialization and scientific qualification variables, but there were differences in the means of the teachers’ degree of practicing their roles attributed to years of experience in favor of the (1-5 years) and the stage variable in favor of lower basic stage in addition to the supervision variable in favor of private schools. Moreover, the results of the interviews showed that some of the knowledge economy practiced by the teachers was heavily based on teaching strategies and teacher’s roles. Additionally, there were concept abandoned especially in the field of research, social media, the student’s role in producing knowledge and the authentic evaluation field. Based on the results, the study recommended the necessity of organizing training workshops on the procedural research and authentic evaluation in addition to carry other similar studies.
teachers’ practice of their roles , concepts of knowledge economy , Palestine