The Virtual Museum VM as a Tool for Learning Science in Informal Environment

Albadawi, Bushra Izzat
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This study aims to check if a Virtual Museum (VM) is a tool for learning science in an informal environment for lower basic grades from the perspective of parents and children. The study fol- lowed the mixed method quantitative and qualitative data collected from the main field-testing stage from the perspective of the user (children and parents) in the educational Research and Development (R & R&D) methodology, the evaluation tools used as instruments for parents, and one for parents for children with a focused interview. The parents' evaluation test yielded positive feedback, and the parents found that the VM is appropriate. The parents were similar in their opinion toward the VM to academic qualifications. The children's evaluation test yielded positive feedback. Children found that the VM is appropriate. Children's comments showed a greater inter- est level in learning science with technology through gaming and multimedia. They were very excited about using the VM, which helped them understand the subject content and navigate to search for scientific information.
Virtual Museum (VM) , Science virtual museum , Informal learning , Formal learning