Estimation of FBMC/OQAM Fading Channels Using Dual Kalman Filters

Jamoos, Ali
Aldababsa, Mahmoud
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We address the problem of estimating time-varying fading channels in filter bank multicarrier (FBMC/OQAM) wireless systems based on pilot symbols. The standard solution to this problem is the least square (LS) estimator or the minimum mean square error (MMSE) estimator with possible adaptive implementation using recursive least square (RLS) algorithm or least mean square (LMS) algorithm. However, these adaptive filters cannot well-exploit fading channel statistics. To take advantage of fading channel statistics, the time evolution of the fading channel is modeled by an autoregressive process and tracked by Kalman filter. Nevertheless, this requires the autoregressive parameters which are usually unknown. Thus, we propose to jointly estimate the FBMC/OQAM fading channels and their autoregressive parameters based on dual optimal Kalman filters. Once the fading channel coefficients at pilot symbol positions are estimated by the proposed method, the fading channel coefficients at data symbol positions are then estimated by using some interpolation methods such as linear, spline, or low-pass interpolation. The comparative simulation study we carried out with existing techniques confirms the effectiveness of the proposed method.