Synthesis and Characterization of Polyacrylamide co acrylic acid Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite for Pharmaceutical Packaging Application

Laila Moutassem Hassan Abuayyash
ليلى معتصم حسن أبو عياش
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Al-Quds University
Graphene oxide (GO) synthesized by oxidation reduction reaction (Hummers' method).It was used to be incorporated in polyacrylamide co acrylic acid (Poly(AAm-co-AA)) to study the thermal properties, mechanical properties, as well as the result of swelling in aqueous solution. Different concentrations of Poly(AAm-co-AA) (5,2.5,1.25, and 0.9%) with different concentrations of GO (0.05 and 0.1 %) were used to prepare Poly(AAm-co-AA) /Graphene oxide nanocomposite by using casting method. Thermal properties were investigated by using Differential Scanning Calorimetery (DSC), the results described that the thermal properties improved and enhanced by incorporation of GO to Poly(AAm-co-AA) matrix. The glass transition temperature (Tg) was raised from 50 of neat Poly(AAm-co-AA) to 75 ºC at 0.05% GO. The crystallinity was increased to a certain extent. The young's modulus was increased at 5% Poly(AAm-co-AA) as GO content increased to 0.1%. The swelling of Poly(AAm-co-AA) with different concentrations reduced by adding GO nanoparticles which explains the barrier properties of GO in the molecular level of polymer matrix. The FT-IR spectra of Poly(AAm-co-AA)/GO nanocomposite confirm the strong bonding between polymer and nanoparticles in different functional groups. Briefly, the incorporation of GO into Poly(AAm-co-AA) polymer matric improves the mechanical thermal and barrier properties of polymer because of strong interaction between GO particles and polymer.