Social Responsibility Among Palestinians

Bassam Yousef Ibrahim Banat
Hasan Barmil
Bashir Ahmad
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Scientific Research Publishing
The current study aimed to identify social responsibility as perceived by Pal-estinians. Social responsibility among Palestinians was evaluated using an in-dex of a 40-item scale developed by the researches, and was administrated to three hundred and eighty-four Palestinians in the West Bank, Palestine using the stratified random method. Findings revealed that Palestinians experi-enced a high level of social responsibility (M 3.74, SD 0.38). This was evident through several indicators, the most important of which were: the respondents’ assertion that community development is the responsibility of every citizen, they care about what others think of their behavior, and that every person has the right to express his/her opinion even if the majority of people have a dif-ferent opinion. The study indicated that gender, place of residency, educa-tional level, membership of civil society institutions, and age were significant predictors of social responsibility among Palestinians.