The Proper Use of Technologies as a Digital Citizenship Indicator: A Comparative Study of Two Universities in the Middle East

Jwaifell, Mustafa
Alkhales, Buad
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The paper compares students' proper use of technology as a digital citizenship indicator between both of Al-Hussein Bin Talal University (AHU) in Jordan and Al-Quds University in Palestine territory and, Digital citizenship with its nine elements: Etiquette, Communication, Education, Access, Commerce, Responsibility, Rights, Safety, and Security are connected to all life aspects. It is hard to ignore the increasing misuse phenomenon of the emerging technologies. This paper shed the light on how the students in both universities campuses use technologies in a citizenship manner. A measurement tool worked as a test to reveal students technology usage as an indicator of their digital citizenship. Results of the study revealed that students in both universities do not properly use technologies as a digital citizenship indicator and there are differences among the two countries. The study included recommendations to overcome technology usage within university campus.
digital citizenship , technologies , Jordanian university students , Class teacher students , Palestine and Jordan