Performance analysis of orthogonal spacetime block codes over Nakagami-q MIMO RFID backscattering channels

Jamoos, Ali
Qabbani, Yasmin
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The Institution of Engineering and Technology
The authors employ the conditional moment generating function approach to analyse the performance of orthogonal space-time block codes over Nakagami-q (Hoyt) multiple-input multiple-output radio frequency identification backscattering channels. New exact and asymptotic symbol error rate expressions are derived for the case of two and four receiving antennas N = 2, 4 . The exact expressions are in the form of a sum of infinite series while the asymptotic ones are in the closed form. The diversity order that the system can achieve is found to be L, where L is the number of tag antennas, and the performance of this system is found to be more sensitive to the channel condition (the q parameter) of the forward link than that of the backscattering link. The theoretical results (exact and asymptotic) are verified through comparison with simulation results.
TY - JOUR AU - Jamoos, Ali AU - Qabbani, Yasmin PY - 2018/02/14 SP - T1 - Performance Analysis of Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes Over Nakagami-q MIMO RFID Backscattering Channels VL - 12 DO - 10.1049/iet-com.2017.1230 JO - IET Communications ER -