Stress, Anxiety and Depression Among Dental Students in Times of Covid-19 Lockdown

Abu Kwaik, Aya
Saleh, Raghad
Danadneh, Mayar
Kateeb, Elham
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Introduction: Dental students in their clinical training, face a higher risk of contracting the disease as well as experiencing adverse psychological outcomes. Therefore, this study came to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 and the lockdown on the mental health of dental students during the current pandemic. Methods: This is a cross-sectional study conducted among dental students during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic to assess the levels of depression, anxiety, and stress using the standardized DASS-21 scale. In addition demographic, socio-economic, academic performance, source of information about COVID-19, and perception of on-line education difficulties were collected. Results: A total of 436 students completed the online survey (55.18% response rate). In the current sample, 48% (n=209), 76% (n=331) , 70% (n=305) showed different levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Students who stated that their family income was impacted by COVID-19 showed signs of depression X2 = 7.3, p=.007 and anxiety, X2=6.1, p=.013. Dental students who faced difficulties in switching to E-learning, reported different levels of depression, X2=14, p<.001, anxiety, X2=9, p=.003 and stress, X2=24, p<.001. Conclusions: In preparation for the next academic year, strategies to support the mental health of dental students in their clinical training and E-learning process should be in place.
Depression , Anxiety , Stress , COVID-19 , Dental Students
Aya Abu Kwaik, Raghad Saleh, Mayar Danadneh, Elham Kateeb. Stress, Anxiety and Depression Among Dental Students in Times of Covid-19 Lockdown. Int J Dentistry Oral Sci. 2021;8(2):1397-1401.