English Speaking Difficulties that face Medical Students at Al-Quds University from their Perspectives

Rana Mohammad Shaaban Atawneh
رنا محمد شعبان عطاونه
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Al-Quds University
This study aims to investigate English language speaking difficulties that face medical profession students at Al-Quds University from their perspective. The researcher used the descriptive method. A questionnaire was distributed to (102) junior undergraduate students in Faculty of Public Health at Al-Quds University. The questionnaire includes 26 items divided into 4 domains(Psychological Domain, Instructor Domain, Social domain, and Linguistic Domain). The researcher has reached into results that justified the hypotheses. The results show that most speaking difficulties that face medical students are due for all the domains of speaking problems ,especially to social domain that attributed to the lack of opportunities in meeting native speakers of the English language , lack of a chance to speak in the English outside the classroom, Over -crowded classes and feeling afraid when speaking English. The results also indicate that there are statistically significant differences at level (α≤0.05) attributed to the variable of specialization, where pharmacy is mostly affected than other specialization in English language speaking skill. On the bass of the main findings the researcher stated a number of recommendations: Increasing students' confidence by having them participate in discussions and presentations in English, encouraging instructors to use a variety of methods, encouraging universities and health science colleges to form partnerships with overseas universities, increasing Intensive college English subjects that improve vocabulary and grammar, training instructors and encouraging them to reinforce pharmacy students to use English as a second language.