An estimation of global solar radiation at ground level using clear-sky radiation in Hebron city, Palestine

Alsamamra, Husain
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Due to its geographical position in the solar belt, Palestine is blessed with an abundance of solar energy and has the opportunity to utilize this bounty of natural energy effectively, promoting a clean environment and developing renewable energy technologies in the region. The present approach proposes one equation specific for every month of the year to simulate the global solar radiation under clear-sky in Hebron city. Four-years measured daily global solar radiation data on horizontal surfaces were used for the model assessment. In order to indicate the performance of the model, the statistical test methods of mean bias error (MBE) and root mean square error (RMSE) are used. The results obtained indicate that the model predict the global solar radiation reasonably well.
Global solar radiation , Clearness index , Hebron , MBE , RMSE