Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Activities of Teucrium poliumLeaf Extract and its Phenolic and Flavonoids Content

Qabaha, Khaled
Hijawi, Thameen
Mahamid, Abdallah
Mansour, Haneen
Naeem, Ahmad
Abbadi, Jehad
Al-Rimawi, Fuad
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Teucrium polium leafis one of the folkloric medicinal plants used traditionally to treat many diseases in the Palestinian community. It hasantibacterial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory consequences. Present study aims the evaluating the in vitro inhibitory effect of Teucriumpoliumleaf extracts on tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) using polymorphonuclear cells (PMNCs), in addition to determine its antioxidantand total phenolic and flavonoids contents. Polymorphonuclear cells were withdrawn from whole blood according to Histopaque (Ficol-1077) method. Blood cells were cultured in an enriched Roswell Park Memorial Institute (RBMI) medium. The levels of tumor necrosisfactor (TNF-α) were determined 24 h using LPS stimulation. Total phenolic contents, flavonoids contents and antioxidant activity weremeasured using spectrophotometric method. The TNF-α concentrations were compared using paired-samples t test. The leafextracts ofTeucrium poliumrevealed significant reduction in terms of TNF-α levels. The extract contained high phenolic and flavonoids contentsand its antioxidant activities were strong. The reduced values in the TNF-α levels as affected by Teucrium polium leaf extractsindicate itseffect in anti-inflammation. The plant is rich with polyphenolic compounds and flavonoids and has strong antioxidant activity. Theobserved anti-inflammatory effect of the extracts under study may be discussed as the influence of the significant presence of the phenoliccompounds and flavonoids
Teucrium polium , Plant extracts , Anti-inflammatory effect , TNF-α