The Role of Al-Quds University Library in Developing Scientific Research in the Digital Environment

Jamous, Khalil
Kurdi, Fouad
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International Humanities Studies
The digital milieu and the age of information and modern technologies constitute a major challenge in the process of building and strengthening the capabilities of scholars and university students alike in production and scientific research. This is mainly due to the competition it imposes which bears a leadership character for the nature of the required scientific and intellectual production, and the entailed research performance. The study objective aims to identify the role of Al-Quds University library in developing scientific research in the digital environment. The study results showed the essential role that Al-Quds University library plays in supporting the academic process, developing scientific research, and popularizing the scientific publishing culture among university students. The authors recommend the need to keep pace with technological developments adding and purchasing new electronic information sources that meet the needs of its beneficiaries, and to provide budgets allocated for new subscriptions to international scientific journals of high rating.