Public Participation in the Preparation of the Master Plan from the Point Of View of the Population of Urban Agglomeration in Hebron Governorate - a Case Study

Al Khatib, Mohammad
Raddad, Samer
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This study aims to measure local community participation in master plan of Hebron District and its people’s point of view. A questionnaire was designed to find out local community point of view. 400 people were randomly selected and were also asked to answer the questionnaire. Data were tabulated and were analyzed using SPSS. The study has revealed that 61% of those who were interviewed did not hear about the master plan. It was also found out that 9.6% participated in such a master plan. Despite that fact that 4% consider it as an excellent one, it was found that 22% of local communities consider that the master plan was not satisfactory. The study has also revealed that were no statistical significance between local community’s participation with age and income, but there were there were statistical significance between gender and education.
community participation , master plan , urban areas , local development