Assessment of antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anticancer activities of Sisymbrium officinale plant extract

Mahmoud Khalid
Amayreh, Mousa
Sanduka, Saadi
Salah, Zaidoun
Rimawi, Fuad
Al-Mazaideh, Ghassab M.
Alanezi, Abdulkareem A.
Wedian, Fadel
Alasmari, Fawaz
Shalayel, Mohammed Helmy Faris
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Elsevier Ltd. (Heliyon)
The most efficient and safe source of medications is the natural and traditional medications which are produced from plants and herbs. In this study, Sisymbrium officinale (S. officinale) was tested to explore its total phenolic and flavonoids contents. Antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anticancer activities were assessed as well. S. officinale was bought from a local Palestinian market, air-dried, and extracted with 99% ethanol with the aid of ultrasonication. The extract was tested on three types of bacteria using well diffusion method. The anti-microbial testing included three different types of bacteria, two gram-positive bacteria, Streptococcus and Staphylococcus and E. coli as a gram-negative bacterium. Antioxidant activity of the plant extract was conducted using DPPH method, while total phenolic and flavonoids contents were performed using a well-known assay chemical method. Anticancer activity of the extract was conducted against two cancer cell lines (breast (MCF7) and colon (HCT116) cancer cell lines). Results showed that the extract is rich polyphenolic and flavonoids and has strong antioxidant activity reflected by inhibition of free radicals (DPPH) (193.7 ± 3.4). The plant extract showed also strong antimicrobial activity against both E. coli and Streptococcus bacteria with of inhibition of 10 and 14 mm respectively. The extract of this plant also showed anticancer activity (about 6%) against MCF7 (breast cancer cell line).