IoT Smart Irrigation System for Precision Agriculture

Jawad Awawda
Isam Ishaq
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Springer, Singapore
Agriculture is one of the main sources of income in the economy. One of the key components in an agriculture system is its irrigation system. The efficiency and practicality of the irrigation system will have a direct impact on crops yield. One of the main challenges for an irrigation system is water scarcity. Another challenge is time, based on the used irrigation system, the task of watering the field could be labor-intensive and time-consuming. To maximize crop yield, farmers must practice precision agriculture, and that is another challenge. A smart irrigation system is part of the solution to practice precision agriculture and thereby getting the most from what resources are available. This paper presents a smart irrigation system that addresses the three mentioned challenges to pave the way for a solution to precision agriculture. The system will measure the water tank levels, soil moisture, humidity, temperature, and rain levels and will fetch the weather forecast for temperature and rain levels, and using its algorithm, it will decide when to start the irrigation process and for how long. The system will provide the farmers with a web portal that contains the system status that’s includes water tank level, water pump status, weather forecast, and sensors measurements.
Awawda, J., Ishaq, I. (2023). IoT Smart Irrigation System for Precision Agriculture. In: Nagar, A.K., Singh Jat, D., Mishra, D.K., Joshi, A. (eds) Intelligent Sustainable Systems. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 579. Springer, Singapore.