Reinventing the Book: Towards a Novel Immersive e-educational Environment

Doaa Hatem Naser AL-Sharabaty
دعاء حاتم ناصر. الشرباتي
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Al-Quds University
The legacy of the book is inspiring. We reinvent the textbook drawing on the very long history of books that demonstrate the power of print medium in education. The thesis uses the book's legacy as inspiration in designing a new educational environment based on the book as a renewable medium. This kind of communicative, educational medium requires more than a design process. It is a shift toward a more humanistic, immersive, and educational environment. Even though schools shifted to online education during the COVID-19 school closure, the digital tools used did not provide an optimal learning environment. Using the influential medium of education (the textbook), the thesis proposes a novel educational immersive environment to overcome current e-learning challenges. The study formed a methodology of three phases. It began by diagnosing the problems associated with online education. Following that, it analyzed the needs and objectives for the new environment. Lastly, it proposed a conceptual model that creates an immersive educational experience. A pedagogical and communicational theoretical framework is the backbone of the design process.