Evalumation of the Output Intensity of Light Curing Units Among Palestinian Dental Practitioners: A Cross-sectional Study

Rabi, Tarek
Arandi, Naji
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Aim: The present study aims to evaluate the intensity of light curing units among practitioners in Palestine. Materials and methods: Present study follows a cross-sectional study design to evaluate the type of curing light used, the tip diameter, presence of remnants on the tip as well as the curing light output measured using a radiometer. Chi-square test was used to evaluate the statistical significance of the frequency of the variables (p<0.05). Results: 93.23% of practitioners used LED light with a tip diameter of 8mm. 82.5% of practitioner had remnants of residual filling on the tip of the light cure unit. 83.5% showed low output intensity of curing light. Chi-square test showed significant difference in the frequency of variables included in the study (p<0.001). Conclusion: The practitioners in Palestine use light curing units with low output intensity as measured with a radiometer.