The reality of knowledge management for principels in the Hebron governorate and its relationship to some demographic variables from the teacher’s perspective

Ashraf Mohammad Abu Khayran
Hussam Al-Qassim
Nesreen Jameel Murshed ltmaiza
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The study aimed at identifying the reality of knowledge management among public school principals in Hebron Governorate and its relationship with some variables from the teachers’ point of view. For achieving the study objectives, the team of researchers used the describtive analysis approach. The study was applied based on the staratified random sample, as the study sample consisted of (650) teachers from schools in Hebron Governorate. For the purpose of data collection, a questionnaire was prepared to measure the knowledge management practiced by school princials in Hebron Governorate from the teachers' point of view. The quesstionnare was formed of (38) under five sections (knowledge diagnosis, knowled generating, knowledge storage, knowledge distribution, knowledge application). The study found that the degree of practicing knowledge management by the school principal from the point of view of teachers in Hebron Governorate was medium in all fields. And that there were no significant differences between the estimates of the study sample members towards knowledge management processes due to the variables of: gender, academic qualification, and specialization, while there were differences in the vairables of (knowledge generation and knowledge storage), in favor of the natural sciences specialization.